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Press conference for "Put a smile back on their face initiative" 2019 At Aga Khan Hospital.
Aug 15, 2019

SADAKA network’s team together with doctors from the Aga Khan hospital, Muhimbili hospital and MAI consultancy, carried out a press conference to share information concerning the ongoing project of "Put a smile back on their face initiative" which aims to conduct reconstructive surgeries to women and children who are victims of gender-based violence and burn accidents that have left them with scars and disabilities.
"Put a smile back on their face initiative" is done in two phases to complete the needed 100 total number of victims whereby, the first phase is in August 2019 and 50 victims are in the hospital for the ongoing surgeries while the second one will be done in December 2019.
All the surgeries are done at the Aga Khan hospital by doctors from Muhimbili hospital and Reconstructive Women International of Canada and America.
The Medias in attendance collected information regarding the number of victims who are already in the hospital and have proceeded to receive the services. They complete the first phase of August 2019 and all 50 of them are doing better. We wish them a quick recovery so they can get back to their daily activities.
We are thankful to all the shareholders, ambassadors, Medias and the society for cooperating with us to ensure this project completion.