Identity Code: X0007
Radio station EFM .
Identity Code: C0006
Student Zion Marshall
Identity Code: Y0016
Hospital Muhimbili national .
Identity Code: X0004
Musician Layla (Voice Fairy)
Identity Code: Y0012
Television TV E
Identity Code: C0018
News paper Daily News .
Identity Code: C0009
Hospital Aga Khan Health Service, Tanzania
Identity Code: X0001
CEO Irene Kiwia
Identity Code: Y0015
Digital Platform Simulizi na Sauti .
Identity Code: C0014
News Paper HabariLEO .
Identity Code: C0008
Actress /producer Monalisa .
Identity Code: Y0003
International Foundation Reconstructing Women International (RWI)
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Public Relations (PR) MAI Consultancy Services
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Professional Athlete Hasheem Thabeet
Identity Code: Y0005
Presenter Dina Marios
Identity Code: Y0013
TV Station Star TV Tanzania
Identity Code: C0005
Radio Station Radio Free Africa
Identity Code: C0016
Musician Gnako .
Identity Code: Y0011
Radio Show Maisha Mseto (TIMES FM)
Identity Code: C0011
Magazine Advertising Dar
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Identity Code: C0021
Tv Station TV 1 TANZANIA
Identity Code: C0010

SADAKA network team visit victims of domestic violence and home accidents after their surgeries.
Aug 16, 2019

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SADAKA network team went to Aga Khan hospital to visit victims of domestic violence and home accidents after their surgeries and during their bandaging stage as part of “Put a smile back on their faces” initiative to cheer them up and give them “Vaseline” Skin Creams to ease their recovery, which was donated by Unilever Tanzania.

We want to thank all our partners, Aga Khan Hospital, RWI foundation, Muhimbili National Hospital, Unilever, Mai Consultations and Clouds Media for their support and effort to make this happen.

We wish all victims to get well and go back to their daily activities as soon as possible