About Us

About us

We are here not just to provide a platform, we are here to shape the society!

Community development is imperative in every society, given the right tools and platform, this can be achieved. That is why it is important to break down barriers that hinder community empowerment and introduce effective means of communication between community leaders and their community members.

SADAKA network provides unique technological tools developed with a local context specifically for the country’s population, by incorporating the local culture and requirements and taking into consideration the available local technology, with the purpose of supporting and empowering local communities. With a focus on the youth, to take ownership and accountability for their own future, by providing them with the knowledge, guidance and the right tools (How to approach a project, establish a business plan, create and manage budgets, vendors relation, Donors relation, Marketing...etc) to implement community projects successfully up to completion, all under SADAKA network’s supervision. 

One such development is the world-class, digital, fundraising tool that will improve transparency (knowing in advance the project details and what the funds are intended for, the exact sum of funds required, the partners in the project, intended project goals, receiving reports of the project advancement and achievements up to full completion) that can be used by local communities to contribute and raise funds from other communities in the country, for their own community projects with the support and guidance of their community leaders and SADAKA network.

SADAKA network will supervise the projects and incorporate youth from the communities for implementation of the projects.

The platform is offering transparency and accountability on the financial aspect of the projects, which builds credibility and trust between donors, the communities and community leaders towards a common goal.

We strongly believe that by taking this approach of empowering the youth and the local communities, to take an active part in establishing and managing their community projects, we will be able to create wider, more sustainable impact, which will significantly improve the livelihood of many communities in Africa.


Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day;

                                           Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

Our Mission

To support local communities within Africa through their community leaders, by providing them with the relevant technological tools and guidance to create and manage their own community projects by empowering and training the youth to lead the change.


Our Vision

Have as many sustainable local communities within Africa, which will be able to create, manage and support their own community projects and better their livelihoods by taking ownership and accountability for their own future.