Dr. Ibrahim Msengi was born in April 1953 at Mkalama, located in the Singida region of the United Republic of Tanzania.

Growing up in the rural areas of this region, he was always exposed to foreign aid organizations that came in to help and assist the local communities.

Those organizations came to help and create positive changes in those areas, but very rarely did they understand the local culture and traditions of the communities. Most of the time and money invested towards those projects did not necessarily match the real needs of the local people, even if the project was deemed “successfully complete”.

Dr. Msengi devoted most of his time on his studies and made his way to a medical school in the USSR.

After completion of his medical studies and a few more years of internships in various countries he decided to go back and utilize his skills and experiences in his own country, Tanzania. He worked at the largest hospital in the country “Muhimbili National Hospital”, where he was once again, exposed to the same cultural gaps of foreign aid organizations, willing to help but unable to sustain positive change and create real solutions.

In the later stages of his life, he ventured into politics and was in charge of many rural areas in Tanzania. In many of his political positions he dealt with local communities, refugees, national parks and many more areas where he dealt face to face with international governments and non-governmental organizations that encountered challenges with the implementation of their ideas on the ground.

Dr. Msengi then decided to start an NGO under the brand name of SADAKA network. He knew and understood that the best way to solve these community challenges, is by involving the community itself, empowering them and providing them with the right tools to solve their own problems for a better livelihood and future.

SADAKA network focuses on the right and balanced methods of cooperation between local communities and foreign aid organizations, by using relevant technology implemented on both sides and create relevant community projects with the right tools, for the benefit of Tanzania and its people.

Dr. Msengi believes that the method of empowering the people to use their own skills, with the right tools and approach to enhancing these skills, will create sustainable communities and programs that will contribute significantly to the development of Tanzania in general and the development of each community in particular.

These will in turn, create a significant impact and positively influence the communities’ livelihood for generations to come.