Don’t take me for granted
Mboni A. Masimba (Identity Code: Y0010)

SADAKA network celebrated one of the team member Birthday at UMRA Orpanage center with Ms. Mboni Masimba
Feb 13, 2019

Umra Orphanage initiative

Last December we took the initiative to understand the orphanages and how they operate in the country. We wanted to see firsthand the situation of the orphans and the conditions of the homes they were living in. Needless to say, we indeed found out a lot, for instance, their locations, the conditions of the orphanages and their daily lives.
Umra orphanage is a home to more than 200 orphans. They have four homes in Dar es salaam all filled with orphans. During the Christmas holidays, we met with the manager and he walked us through what a year is like to them, the challenges they face and how the communities support them.
We learnt that stationeries for school are one of the items they need especially during the “back to school” season, mostly at the beginning of the year as well as clothes for some of the orphans. Upon receiving these news, we knew we had to do something to help them and especially at the time schools are reopening. And as fate would have it, there was indeed something we could do about it.
Celebrating a colleague’s birthday is something we like to do here at SADAKA network and as luck would have it, our boss, Mr. Tamir, had his birthday in January and as such, we decided to celebrate his “happy day” with the orphans of Umra orphanage. We bought them stationeries, gathered and collected clothes from friends and colleagues that they would rather give to charity instead of disposing of them and detergents. In our mission to support Umra orphanage, we had the pleasure of getting the support of none other than Dada Mboni, who had just recently launched a bag shop for her son. And much to our surprise and amazement, the young boy was happy to be a part of this wonderful journey with us and Umra orphanage.
One Friday afternoon, we went to visit the orphans at Umra orphanage in Magomeni Mikumi and the reception we got was overwhelming. The smile on their faces were enough to melt our hearts for a lifetime, which made us very happy to have taken this initiative to spend the day with them. We had prepared lunch prior to our visit with them and we had bought cake for the birthday celebrations as well. We all ate our fill and made merry together on that wonderful occasion that our boss had decided to share with them. We gave them the gifts we had brought them and they were so happy and grateful that we had done this for them.
This experience was one of a kind and one of many more to come, it is our priority as SADAKA network to help the most vulnerable children in our communities and to engage members of the communities to do the same and with the available resources.
And to quote one of our favorite writers, John Bunyan, “you have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you”. These are the words that we at SADAKA network not only long to live by every day but TO BE every day!