SADAKA Network with collaboration with Israeli embassy in Kenya, supported "Tokomeza Zero" project at Kisarawe district, Tanzania.
May 06, 2019

Books are knowledge and knowledge is power, imagine if every child had available access to books in Africa, in any subject they desire, where they can learn and expand their imagination every time they go to school on top of their daily class subjects.
In the beginning of May 2019, SADAKA network received a donation of 250 English books in several subjects from the Embassy of Israel in Nairobi, as they are one of our donors for community projects in Africa.
On 6th of May SADAKA network went to Kisarawe District in Tanzania to donate 150 books to the District office to support the "Tokomeza Zero" initiative or in English “End Division Zero”.’s-education (EN) (KW)
The initiative focuses on empowering girls academically in the District, run by Jokate Mwegelo, District Commissioner of Kisarawe.
This amazing initiative is working very hard to support and uplift education among girls in the district, where the goal is to erase low grades among students in Kisarawe.
Since the initiative started, the academic performance among the students in the district is improving and the number of students with zero division have decreased significantly.
We are welcoming everyone to come together and help in any way you can to reach as many students as possible and support the "Tokomeza Zero" initiative.
“One book, One child….”