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Put a smile back on their faces -Kisarawe screening camp
Jun 29, 2019

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The initiative "Put a smile back on their faces” is aimed at doing reconstructive surgeries on women and children in Tanzania. As part of the program we decided to visit the Kisarawe region so that we could do a screening camp and look for women and kids with scars and disability that is from accidents, fire accidents and even those that are affected from gender- based violence.
We arrived at Kisarawe on Saturday 29/06/2019 morning with doctors from the Aga Khan Hospital and Muhimbili National Hospital with the inclusion of the Rotary club of Dar es Salaam Peninsula. We all were ready to take part and receive the women and children who would show up for the screening process.
It was a beautiful day where we managed to get some women who came for the screening and two who were eligible for the surgeries.
We would love to thank everyone who made this event possible, for their time and participation.